New York trip, part 2 · Fall, 2017

Walk in the big city

New York turned out to be rather gloomy this time—which is great because that's the best weather for me—as if Karl the fog came to visit with me from SF. Ah, I'm happy to finally back for more walks, coffees and photos!

There is something romantic about this gloomy vibe of New York. It's interesting to see how creative people get with dressing up or dressing down while walking down the streets and subway. It's almost as if you can find any character in the world in here—truly inspirational experience.

Remembering how cold I got during my New York visit in the fall of 2013, so this time I made sure to prepare for the weather. I took my DBYD jacket with an enourmous hoodie and tactical Guerilla G pants to feel comfy but functional. Both just happend to be black color that match my Nike's.

Luckily the weather cleared out a few days later and I was able to capture the city as if it was summer. I went to Greenwhich Village and SOHO to visit some of my favorite spots: Butchers Daughter, Stumptown, Artichokes Pizza; and favorite breakfast place—Jack's Wife Freda.

The next few days I was exploring Tribeca, Midtown and East side of Brooklyn. One of the places that stood out was Decoión—a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Not only for their amazing coffee but also also beautful open space with a lot of natural light.

I always get fascinated walking down Little Italy and SOHO; not only by the grandiose building stuctures but also by the mix of foreigners and native new-yorkers. SOHO is one tops shop districts of the fashion worls world, so I couldn't help but it buy another black jacket.

We went to Brooklyn a few times to visit hip coffee shops and restaurants. It's a special place with its own scene, very differnet from Manhattan in my opinion. Bonus — you get beautiful(?) views on Manhattan too. When I look at humans of Brooklyn I get a strange feeling as if I'm back in San Francisco.

Concrete jungle looks even better when you get on top of the Rockefeller building. I've probably spent a good hour or two on that rooftop. Pro tip: go there around 5pm or at least an 1 hour before the sunset. That way you'll get diffused light on the skyscrapers and your photos will look much better.

There are endless cute little stores with your favorite minimalistic goods for home and electronics. Then again, I'm a designer who's into minimalist products so I might be biased.

Throughout the trip I was using 35mm f2 Fujinon prime lens. It's light, weather sealed and makes a great companion for street and architectural photography. However, sometimes I wanted more buildings in the frame and needed a wider range lens (I bought 23mm prime later which I will post in Part 2 of this blog post series).

I did take the 18-55mm zoom lens that comes with Fujifilm X-T2 kit. While it's a great value and quality lense, I noticed the images were coming out slightly less sharp than the 35mm prime. It's also an extra thing to carry, so I ended up not using it much on this trip.