Mobile messaging for doctors

and nurses


Product Designer



The case study is coming soon

Currently working on Medigram web dashboard for analytics. Meanwhile, here is some work I've done for Medigram so far.

Sign-up flow prototype

Besides designing states for the input fields, I’ve explored the flow of the form appearance. The main goal was to have people focus on one input at a time, minimizing cognitive load.

Link to Framer demo:

Sign-up flow prototype

Urgent chat prototype

This chat is used between doctors and nurses to communicate with each other about patients. There needed to be a way to communicate something urgent about a patient. Something that cant wait. It's a very specific use case. We have came up with this idea to highlight and urgent message since it will send a different type of notification to a chat group. Works like On and Off switch.

Since it's an unconventional interaction I've decided to prototype it in Framer to properly communicate how it should work.

Link to Framer demo:

Urgent chat prototype

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