My favorite movies, part 1

March 23, 2017

Every now and then you talk to your friends and you recommend good movies to each other. I wrote this list so I don’t have to remember all of the movies and I can just pull up this link or send them to read it later. In other words, I’m lazy.

I purposefully kept the description short so I don’t give out many spoilers.

1. Coherence

looks good eh?

My favorite type of mystery. It’s unusual script keeps you engaged and makes you think. It’s probably the most memorable movie I’ve seen in the past year.

2. Transcendence

looks good eh?

I’m into artificial intelligence and I like that this movie unlike others explores other possibilities of AI rather than classic Terminator, doomsday scenario.

3. Whiplash

looks good eh?

The type of drama that I like. Motivating and beautifully shot. You really feel for the main character of the movie. Remarkable acting.

4. Limitless

looks good eh?

What if you could enhance your brain to the point that you can successfully solve any given problem? Inspirational and thrilling movie. Wish I had those pills.

5. Transcendent Man

looks good eh?

Bio-documentary about Ray Kurzweil. Really made me think not only about the future of AI and technology in our lives but also about purpose of our lives and what it means to be human.

If you have any good movie recommendations or you’ve decided to watch one of the movies above and liked it, let me know ✌️.