Questions to brainstorm your design problem

June 7, 2017

Design solves a problem. To understand the problem we have to ask questions. But how do we know which questions to ask? Often times I forget some of them, since there are so many. Over the years, I’ve compiled a handy list of questions that I call a Design Brainstorm doc. I pull it up whenever I need to brainstorm a design challenge. These are not all the questions a designer should ask but it should be enough to get you started.

Below is my list of questions in no specific order because depending on the situation, some questions are more applicable than others.

It’s better to work with your CEO/PM/Head of Product to get these questions answered.

Depending on whether you’re designing something completely new or just a feature for an existing product, feel free to modify these questions and apply them to your scenario. I hope those questions will help you clarify your design goals.

Disclaimer: I borrowed some of the questions from Jason Fried’s and Julie Zhuo’s blog posts. Shout out to them!